Our Coffee

Narrativality Artisan Coffee Roasters

We serve locally roasted coffee from our friends at Narrativality. Each cup takes your mouth on an excursion through places like Columbia, Honduras, Ethiopia and even Costa Rica. With each cup you immediately become a connoisseur, tasting the natural notes of honey, vanilla, citrus, and whatever else your tongue allows to cascade to your brain.

We promise each cup of this coffee will make you a believer in the fact that good high quality coffee is possible to enjoy everyday


Roasting Philosophy by Narrativality

Roasting coffee is a contemplative art form, a solitary craft. And at the same time it connects us to something greater than ourselves. It is our privilege to roast for you because as we do we participate in the story of coffee, and when our coffee arrives in your cup, in a small way, we participate in your story too.

Creating a magnificent cup of coffee does not happen by accident. It unfolds with great care, hard work, and rigorous attention to detail in the roasting studio. An important aspect of our process involves developing roast profiles tailored to each coffee’s individual idiosyncrasies and flavor nuances. In fact, we choose not to label our coffee with a roast level because we think it is truer to the story to focus on the flavor profile. But because it may be helpful, broadly speaking the majority of our coffee is best described as light-medium to medium. We roast on what we humbly believe is the best artisan coffee roaster in the world – The San Franciscan Roaster.

In a given week we roast more days than no, and our coffee ships in less than 48 hours from the time it is roasted. We package our coffee in heat-sealed, foil-lined bags equipped with a one way degassing valve. This combination of roasting and shipping quickly with impeccable packaging ensures the freshest coffee possible.

We care deeply about our craft, and we think it shows in every cup.